National Plan on Ethics AI 

A New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Development Plan (新一代人工智能的发展规划, AI2.0) released by the State Council of China in July, 2017, It sets a goal of becoming a global innovation center of AI by 2030,  In the guideline, AI ethics is emphasized. It is expected that, AI ethics principles should be formulated, as well as laws and regulations. To this aim, also referring to the Guideline,  three check points should be as following.  
(1) By 2020, premilinarily establish AI ethics norms, policies and regulations of some field.
(2) By 2025, We shall make initial establishment of AI laws and regulations, ethical norms and policy systems, and form AI safety assessment and control capabilities.
(3) By 2030, build more comprehensive laws and regulations, AI ethics and policy system.

AIIA  (China Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance, In Chinese 中国人工智能产业发展联盟) 
To implement the guideline, in October 13, 2017, an industry alliance to promote development of China's AI industry, namely China Artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance (AIIA) was officially established. The alliance, backed by several state ministries and commissions including National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information and National Network Security Commissions, is the largest alliance in AI industry. At the same time, a working group, as a branch of AIIA, is established to focus on AI ethics and social responsibility.  The secretary general of AIIA is Duo Liu (刘多) at CAICT.  And Mingjun Sun (孙明俊) at CAICT is the chair of the general working group (总体组). 

10th Working Group Name:
AI Education and Social Responsibility: (in Chinese 科普与社会责任工作组), its scope:
--- Support the building of industry technology standards and of the regulations (policy and low) on AI ethics,
--- Help enterprises and technologists put AI ethics and social  responsibility.into practice.
--- Education on AI ethics and social  responsibility.
--- Providing scientific and practical methods for healthier communication ecology, 

Group Member:
Zhijian Wang, (王志坚) Professor, Experimental Social Science Laboratory, Zhejiang University (Chair)
Yan Wan, (万岩) Professor, College of Manage, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (Vice Chair) 
Feiyue Wang,  (王飞跃)Professor, The State Key Laboratory of Management and Control for Complex Systems, CAS (Expert)
Fei Wu, (吴飞)Professor, College of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University (Expert)
Group Assistant:
Yijia Wang, (王亦佳) UESTC, Mobile: (+86) 134-0805-1896  Email:  
Fei Wu, (吴霏)  BUPT,  Mobile: (+86) 188-1179-3878  Email: 

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