A Replication of
An Experimental Investigation of Delegation,
Voting, and the Provision of Public Goods",

Data from Class-Room Experiment, a replication, Apr. 12, 2010.
Location: In 516 Art Science Experimental Building, Zhejiang Gongshang University.
Subjects: 18 subject in V (VCM) session,  9 "subjects". in E, D, EC, DC session,
Duration: 3 hours. 
Master Degree Course,
Course Name: 'New institutional Economics',
Hosted by, Prof. Xu Bin, Zhijian Wang
Original Designer:
    John Hamman, Florida State University
    Roberto A. Weber, Carnegie Mellon University
    Jonathan Woon, University of Pittsburgh
We thanks Prof. Bram Cadsby to Provide this reference.

V =  Volunteer Contribution Mechanism
D =  Delegation (delegation mechanism)
E =  Endogenous Delegation (endogenous delegation mechanism)
DC = Delegation with Communication
EC = Endogenous Delegation with Communication

Relate literature:

John Hamman, George Loewenstein and Roberto A. Weber
    Self-interest through delegation: An additional rationale for the principal-agent relationship.
The American Economic Review.