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Distinguish cycles in two stable Rock-Paper-Scissors game experiments (Dec 10, 2013) paper

         Figure 1 Using Sandholm et. al.'s , Dynamo 3S. For one-population, three-strategy games (posted 8 July 2013).

         Figure 2    Distributions
         Figure 3

A Comment on "Cycles and Instability in a Rock-Paper-Scissors Population Game: A Continuous Time Experiment" Nov. 19, 2013 

Result-3-9WZX.do    (formed after Processes 1) ->> Data4Table11.log ->> results in Table 1
Result-3-2WZX.do    (formed after Processes 2) ->> Data4Table12.log ->> results in Table 1 and Table 2

Result-3-A1-WZX.do (formed after Processes 3) ->> Data4TableA1.log ->> results in Table A1
3x3S3_DM.log  3x3S3_DP.log including the stata code to show the Bivariate analysis: Scatter plots of Si(t + 1) on Sj(t) for the 9 possible pairwise meetings