Impressions from Our Experiments in 2008


        Public Goods Game
  • The Tragedy of Common
  • Punishment

  • Giving

  • Mix Institution

  • Gender Effect

  • Diversity on Partnership Effect

  • Antisocial Interaction

  • Partnership and Public Good

Voting Game 

  • Polarization of Public Choice

  • Gender Difference on Institution Selection  

Prisoners' Dilemma

  • Behavior Phase Diagram  

  • Reward in Prisoners' Dilemma

  • Punishment in Prisoners' Dilemma

Trust Game 

  • a Wide Rage Multiple Parameters Test

  • Trust and Discount Value

  • Gender Difference in Trust

Market Game


    • the Accuracy of Classical Theorem Prediction in the Monopoly Market

    • the Accuracy of Classical Theorem Prediction in the Perfect Competition

    • the Lemon Market

Game in Edgeworth Box 

  • the Trace to Pareto Curve

  • Source of Taxation on Edgeworth Box

Evolution of  the Egalitarianism 

  • the Social Dilemma in the Sweet Candy   


Dictator Game 

  • (Nothing New Found Till Now)
Carrot and Stick Game
  • (Nothing New Found Till Now)
Ultimatum Game 
  • (Nothing New Found Till Now)

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